9 Things You Didn’t Know You Could Do On WhatsApp

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WhatsApp is one of the most popular online messaging applications that is used by people all over the world. It offers many useful features such as voice messaging, multimedia, free and cross platform text, video and voice calls and so on! Although many people might have been using this powerful messaging app for quite a long, very few, know the things that can take WhatsApp to the next level! If you are looking for such features, tips and hacks, then this guide will help you to know the things that you probably didn’t know existed on WhatsApp:

Disappearing Messages feature:

A long chat history might give you a lot of trouble clearing it up! With the help of WhatsApp’s new Disappearing Messages feature, the chats will be automatically cleared after seven days. You can activate this feature for each of your contacts separately. If you enable this feature, the messages will disappear for both parties. However, if you want to enable this feature for a group, you need to be an admin! Here are the steps to enable the Disappearing Messages feature:

  • Open the contact for which you want to enable this feature.
  • Tap on the name.
  • Scroll down and tap on Disappearing Messages.
  • Select Continue> Toggle the On button to enable this feature.

Background wallpaper in chats:

The default WhatsApp wallpaper is quite boring! How about a change?! You can set a much more vibrant and exciting wallpaper from the three types of wallpaper that WhatsApp offers: bright, dark and solid colors. You can even set the wallpaper from your gallery. Here is how to change it:

Select the ‘three-dot icon’ at the top right corner of your screen. (For Android only)

Go to Settings> Select Chats> Select Wallpaper> Select Change.

Please choose your desired wallpaper from Bright, Dark, Solid Colors and My Photos.

You can even swipe left and right for a preview of various wallpapers!

Use different font styles in WhatsApp chats:

By using some symbols, you can activate bold, strikethrough and italics for your text fonts. This can make the text much more enjoyable! You can even use this feature to a part of a phrase or some specific words.

Bold: write your word or phrase within two asterisks. For example, *Hello* will be shown as Hello.

Strikethrough: write your word or phrase within two underscores. For example, _Hello_ will be shown as Hello.

Italics: write your word or phrase within two tildes. For example, ~Hello~ will be shown as Hello.

Use the typewriter font in WhatsApp chats:

Plain text can get boring. But you can make your text stand out by using WhatsApp’s typewriter font, which is unique and old school! To get this font, type in: “`.

Make sure that the apostrophe style is precisely similar as shown above, i.e.; it slants from left to right diagonally.

Reply to specific messages in the chats:

It can get challenging to reply to a specific text or question when there is a series of conversations that have already happened. Be it in group chats or personal chats, and you can use the new feature of WhatsApp to reply to a specific line of text! Replying to a specific text is very easy; follow the below steps:

Swipe from left to right in the specific line of text that you want to reply to.

If you are using WhatsApp on your computer, right-click on the text line and select ‘Reply’ from the various options available.

Pin a specific chat at the top of your chat screen:

There are specific contacts or group chats that you access daily. But does it get lost or goes right at the bottom due to various other chats? There is a simple solution to avoid that! Use the ‘Pin’ feature of WhatsApp to pin your specific chats at the top of the screen to access them quickly! Here is how to pin a chat:

Tap and hold the chat that you want to pin.

From the top of the screen, select the ‘Pin’ icon.

After your chat is pinned, you can unpin it by tapping and holding the same chat again.

Broadcast your message to multiple chats:

On various occasions, you need to send the same message to multiple contacts on your phone. Copying and pasting the message is not a viable option, neither is forwarding the message to multiple contacts if you have a long contact list! Here comes the ‘Broadcast’ feature in WhatsApp. With this feature, you can send an important announcement or seasonal greetings to various contacts without them being able to see who else received it! Here is how to do it:

iOS: on the top left corner of the screen, tap on ‘Broadcast Lists’> Tap on ‘New List’> Select the contacts you want to broadcast with> Type your message.

You should now be able to see the number of recipients and your message in the Broadcast List.

Android: tap the ‘three-dot icon’> Select New Broadcast> Select the contacts you want to broadcast with> Type your message

You should now be able to see the broadcasted message on the top of your chats.

Read a message without seeing it or use read receipts:

There are certain instances when you want to give yourself time to think before replying to any message. There are two ways to do it:

Turn on message preview: in the iPhone’s app notification, you can turn on the message preview to view it in your lock screen without opening the message. To enable this: Go to Settings> Click on Notifications> Toggle ‘Show Preview’ on.

In Android, open Settings> Go to Notifications> Toggle notifications ‘on’ for WhatsApp. You should now be able to read the message from the drop-down notification bar.

Turn off read receipts: by turning off read receipts, the messages you send and receive will remain delivered. The blue ticks would not appear.

Go to Settings> Select Account> Go to Privacy> Toggle Read Receipts off.

Set custom notification tone:

To distinguish the notification tones of a specific group or chat, you can enable the custom notification tone.

Tap the contact or group> Go to Custom Tone/ Custom Notifications> Select your desired tone.

Did you know of these tips and hacks before? If not, then these top nine tips and tricks will make messaging on WhatsApp easier than ever!

Gmail Tips and Tricks that You Might Want to Know About

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With newer technologies and various communication modes, the entire world has turned into a global village. Connecting one person to others no longer requires travelling long distances. This is possible only because of the ease with which social media can be accessed.

Those days are gone, when people used to write letters, go to the post offices and post them, then wait endlessly to receive a reply for at least fifteen days. Now, letters are exchanged with just a click. This ease of communication is only possible due to the online mailing system. Gmail is one of them. Being one of the most ancient tools that aid in connecting people, Gmail has indeed become an integral part of our lives.

Like any other technological tool, even Gmail undergoes updating from time to time. What if the experience with google gets more personalized and easy to access? The following article discusses some of the important features that Gmail offers making it attractive and easy to use.

Gmail Tips and Tricks that are worth knowing:

From sending and receiving important documents in no time to accessing them anywhere, Gmail has benefited one and all. Over the years, almost every work sector has adopted Gmail for its official use. Not only that, Gmail is widely used for personal uses also.

1. Changing privacy settings and adding confidential mode:

While performing any online activity, we are always concerned with its privacy and security. We can add privacy to our devices through password settings or fingerprint scans, but can email be also protected? The answer is yes. One of the most exciting features that Gmail offers is to add confidential mode to our messages. Enabling this mode prevents the receiver from forwarding, copying or even from downloading it for a specified duration of time. To implement this, the sender needs to click on the lock symbol present in the same row as the send button and then choose the desired settings. However, sometimes even such hacks tend to fail and cause a data breach, therefore the sender must always be careful while sending confidential stuff.

2. Schedule sending:

Often we are required to send certain emails at a particular time and not just after composing it. However, running through busy schedules, we often miss the deadline. But, with one of the latest features of Gmail, this no longer remains a problem. Instead of clicking on the send button, all we need to do is click on the drop-down arrow beside it and choose the “schedule send” button. Upon clicking it, a drop-down list appears where one needs to set the date and time of sending the email. That’s it, the job is done. The receiver will receive the email at a scheduled time.

3. Undo send even after sending the email:

Many of us regret sending an email and wish to prevent it from sending even after the send button is clicked. This feature is also available in Gmail now. After sending an email, for a short period, a message flashes stating “undo send”, clicking on that stops the message from being sent. However, the duration for which the message flashes is very short. To apply this feature, one needs to go to general settings which can be seen under settings option in the Gmail window and choose the “undo send” button from there. Finally, choose the required time limit, from the options given below.

4. Saving messages as templates:

Quite a few times we require sending the same mail over and over again to various people. This job is not only repetitive but also time-consuming. To get rid of this, Gmail provides a feature in which messages can be saved as templates. To access this, one needs to go to settings and choose the advanced option from there. In the advanced tab, the templates option needs to be enabled, then after composing the frequently typed mail click on more button and choose templates option from the drop-down list, and further click on save “template as draft”. Thus, templates can be used in future and also deleted.

5. Setting reminders:

Gmail linking google drive and google calendars can also make an online list of tasks scheduled for particular dates. To enable this option, one needs to choose the task button from the Gmail window, and click on the added task. From the drop-down list, add the details of the task and thus a reminder of the task is set.

6. Categorize inbox as desired:

Usually, the following five tabs namely primary, promotions, Social, updates and forums are present under inbox. However, we can choose which one to feature and which not to. To use this feature, one needs to go to settings and then choose inbox. From the categories list displayed click only on the desired ones. Once done, click on save changes present at the end of the dialogue box.

7. Adding messages to favorites:

Certain emails are more important than others. To access them in no time, one can click on the “star symbol” present at the extreme left side of the message. In this way, important emails can be added to favorites. Since Gmail does not support pinning messages to top, one can add important messages to “favorites” list, then go to inbox under the settings tab, and choose the first option from there. This feature will allow important emails to appear at the top.

8. Filter emails:

Often from a bulk of many mails, we need to choose a particular email, to do this, we need to click on more buttons present at the top of the Gmail window, and choose “Filter messages like this’ ‘ option. In the drop-down list, fill the desired criteria and finally click on the option “create filter”.


Thus, Gmail is considered to be a very useful tool, offering a wide range of advantages. Messages sent through Gmail are kept online in an organized manner such that it can be accessed anytime anywhere. Not only this, it provides huge storage such that all our data can be backed up. Gmail also assures us high-level security, which implies our data remains protected and private. Moreover, the entire service is free. Implementing the options discussed above, one can make their Gmail account more organized and thus enhance their browsing experiences. Thus, the only thing one needs to access this wide range of benefits is just to have a G-mail ID.

Incredible Google Maps Tricks That You Need To Try

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You have probably heard of Google Maps. It is the handiest app out there that tells the distance between Distance A to Distance B in seconds and is hard to imagine navigating without the app.

Apart from this, they also provide traffic information, help in discovering new places, etc., but do you know there is much more to the app that you’re probably missing out on. In the article, you’re going to learn about Google Maps tricks you need to try now and get the most out of the map.

Remember your parking location

If you forget where you parked your vehicle in the prominent parking place, you’re not alone. Google Maps bought an easy solution to the problem. Now you can access it by just saving your location with a few clicks.

You just need to click on the location icon below, then click on the blue dot and save your location, and you’re done. You can modify it and add notes and pictures for better assistance. You need to click on the search bar to access it, and you see the parking label. It is accessible through Google assistant as well, fast and straightforward.

Travel back in time

You can now see the street view of anyplace from a few years ago or present. You don’t need a desktop to use this feature anymore with the latest update now, and you can use it on the app. You can access this feature by clicking on the stopwatch or clicking on the street view option.

Remember, this feature isn’t available for every place, but you can give it a try. It provides a 4-dimensional view and zoom-in and zoom-out to get the virtual experience of the past streets.

Incognito mode on

Privacy is important to everyone. If you want to go around somewhere without keeping track of your activity or logging, you can try the new incognito mode to avoid adding any search in your log history.

The activity you do while on Google Incognito isn’t recorded, and you’re not visible to anyone on the apps so, be careful while using this feature.

Go Offline on Maps

You might not get an Internet connection everywhere you go, for that Google bought in Offline Mode where you can download the apps for using them anywhere, anytime without an Internet connection. This is useful for times when you know in advance that there will not be any Internet connection.

You have to search the place, take out the map location, and click on the option Offline Map to save the map. You can access it from there when you need it afterward. Keep in mind you cannot access live information like traffic details on a downloaded map.

Multiple Locations

If you need to stop to or more or destinations between your trips, you can add multiple stops using the + icon. The icon may differ for different software. It allows you to add up to nine destinations within a single trip.

You can also search for destinations like a convenience store, ATMs, and shops with a shortcut under the search bar. Or physically type the location in the search bar and click on Add stop. Some suggestions are provided by google maps in case you don’t know where you want to go.

Share your Location

Sharing your location is helpful to help someone with directions without much effort. Someone can share their live place for 25 minutes to up to 3 days. You can choose who you want to share your location with and for how much time.

The steps are pretty straightforward, and you can share the location by clicking on Share your location on your profile icon. The person with whom you share your location can see your real-time location, which means it will move as you move.

Hand-free Navigation

It is one of the Google Map tricks that you should try now while driving. It is hard to use your phone to search for anything or even navigate through the apps. Most of the time, it’s risky to take your eyes off the road. In that case, you can use Google commands to navigate.

Try saying, “Ok Google, Which street is this” or “Hey Google, Which turns should I take.”

Many other commands can be used to use your phone without touching the phone, like finding any nearby stop for quick snacks or finding a gas station.

Measure Distance

You can measure the distance between any two points. Open the app and click on any location, any point you want, tap on the option- measure distance and choose the other place. A white point appears on the selected position.

A card at the left corner shows the distance. Add as many points (locations) you want of any place on earth and calculate the distance between them.

Favorite Spots

Keeping a list of your favorite spots to share with your friends and for yourself is easy with this feature. You can click on the location and tap Save. You can save it to the area on an existing list or create a new one. For example, you can create a list of all your favorite places to eat.

These lists are accessible offline too. You can give your name to the places and access the map without searching for the location again and again.

Recommendation and Local Shops

There are various options available for any place. If you want to get an ice-cream but can’t make up your mind where you want to go, you can take help from Google Map recommendations. The recommendations are based on their popularity and reviews.

You can access the feature by tapping on the blue dots and select “places near you”. Scroll through the options and discover new places. Some information is provided which helps you choose the location you like.

Here are all the Google Maps tricks you can try today. It will help to improve your experience with Google Maps. There is still a lot more on Google Maps, but these are the most exciting and helpful tricks. Give them a try!

What is Chrome Canary and Is It Safe?

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Released in 2008, Google Chrome has become one of the most widely used web browsers because of its crisp design and ease of use. Whenever a new feature or bug fixes are updated, Google Chrome has to undergo a series of intense testing. However, what if you want to try out these updated features before the general users? Just switch over to Chrome Canary!

Chrome Canary- An Introduction:

Google Chrome browser provides its users four release channels: Beta, Stable, Dev, and Canary. With the help of Canary, one of these release channels, Chrome aims at testers and developers to test these bugs and features. The main aim of these developers and testers are to report the issues and bugs so that Chrome can fix them quickly. Users cannot set the Canary version as their default browser since it is unstable. However, even though it can break down completely, developers might still want to use it.

Features of Chrome Canary:

Chrome Canary comes with some beneficial and exciting features! Let us take a look at it:

  • Capping heavy data: whenever a web page is loaded, users are unaware of the data it will consume. After the ‘Heavy page capping’ feature is enabled, users will know whenever the page exceeds the limit. They can also stop the pictures and video from loading. Users can enable the ‘low’ feature, and the data consumed will be low as 1 MB.
  • Customization of tabs: some users find the Chrome tabs and its positioning too dull. However, with the ‘New tab’ button, the tabs can be shifted to a new position, such as the left, right, or after the tabs. A button called ‘Single-tab mode’ with which a subtle fading effect will be added to the tab.
  • Gamepad vibrations: certain browser games requires a game controller to play them. If you are a fan of rumbles, you can enable the controller’s rumble feature on Chrome by enabling the’ gamepad vibration’ option.
  • Latest UI features: Canary enables users to access the latest chrome features. To use these new features, enable the ‘Use all upcoming UI features.’ By doing this, you will see all the future changes that will come in Chrome.
  • Block downloads from insecure sites: the ‘Block unsafe downloads over insecure connections’ blocks downloads that can use insecure origins in the redirect chain.

Who should use Chrome Canary?

Chrome Canary is not suitable for everyone, as it is an unstable browser. So this might lead to users shifting to a different browser. Issues such as crashes, bugs, slowdowns, etc., might arise daily.

Hence, Canary is primarily meant for quality assurance testers, developers, and curious technical people! But if users want to help Chrome become even better, they can switch to canary to test its features and control the bugs. Once bugs are identified, users can report them to the bug testing wizard. Canary also allows its users to suggest new features.

Chrome Canary- Installation:

If you want to use Chrome Canary, you will have to install it separately on your android smartphone, Windows PC or Mac OS. This can be done without replacing or removing the stable version of Chrome. Here are the steps for downloading and installing Chrome Canary:

  • Windows: download, install and run the latest version of chrome canary. Mostly the 64 bit version is desirable to users, and however, if you have an older PC, there is a 32 bit version.

Mac: users who use Apple’s Mac have to download the Mac version of Chrome Canary.

Android: if you want to install chrome canary on your android mobile, you will have to install it from the Google Play Store.

  • After downloading the Canary application, Windows user can install it by confirming any available on-screen instructions. In contrast, Mac users will have to open the Finder application window and then drag the canary icon to the Applications folder.
  • After the installation is complete, Canary can be accessed in the start menu of the Windows or the Mac’s Launchpad menu. In the same way, after installation, the icon appears in your android smartphone.
  • After you click the canary icon, the Canary window will open, which is quite similar to Chrome’s stable version. After the browser opens, you can start testing it.

You can uninstall the canary version of your Chrome by going to the ‘uninstall programs’ from the ‘Settings’ in Windows. In Mac, you can go to the Finder app and then to Applications to remove the canary app.

How to enable the features and flags of Chrome Canary?

After you open the browser of Canary, some features are available while others are not. While some parts are activated automatically, you will need to start the chrome flags to use the other features. Here’s how to do it:

  • Open a new browser window in Canary> Go to the address bar> To view the hidden flags menu, type: chrome://flags.After the Experiments menu loads, you will see various flags that you can disable or enable. In the Available tab, you will see all the available flags, their description, and use. You will also be able to see if they would be made available for future use.
  • If you want to disable certain flags, you will have to restart chrome canary. You can either close the browser and restart it or click the Relaunch button.

Common issues in chrome canary:

Since Canary is an unstable chrome browser, there are various issues that you might encounter. Here are the most common issues to face in Canary:

  • After disabling or enabling the flags, Canary no longer opens.
  • In the Windows platform, Canary occasionally crashes.

If you love experimenting or are a developer, then Chrome Canary is the browser where you can carry all your activities. However, the best practice is to use canary side-by-side and the stable version of Chrome. In this way, you will be able to contribute your experience and reduce the bugs and crashes in the future release of Chrome.