How To Increase Your Macbook’s Battery Life?

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In today’s world of technology and network growth and advancements people are into the latest technological device but when we buy our latest expensive device we want it to last longer, work better, and in a productive way this will give us a certain kind of experience in a better way and profound way. Now let us speak about Macbooks, which are very common devices used among school goers, college goers, office goers, and other workers. The system is very handy and very productive, and hence having a great battery life will enhance our experience regarding the application of the device.

Now before we dive into the detailing and a list-wise discussion, let us understand why we need a longer expectancy of our devices.

  • It reduces financial insecurity or wastage of money.
  • It helps to maintain our devices in a proper way.
  • It stops machinery from heat and later damage.
  • It helps to have the best usage of our device.
  • A Macbook is something which students use a lot, so proper charging and maintainence are very important.

Now let us understand with proper detailing what keeps the Macbook’s battery going on, what we can do, and what we can avoid doing.

Reducing brightness-

If you reduce the brightness of your device, it might work longer with maximum productivity. The light of the phone or the Macbook is only required when we are using it for videography or reading something. Adjusting and understanding brightness will help to have a greater life. Now let us discuss several points by which we can reduce the light when not in use.The user of the phone can select through settings by clicking on the second most left button, which is F1.

We need to have our keyboard backlight off, which helps to reduce energy.

We can disconnect Bluetooth when not in use-

This is the same for every device and not only Macbook or apple devices but also for all other applications. Bluetooth is an app which we use very less after today’s technological development, so we can use it smartly when not in use or when we do not want to use it. But there are certain applications that need Bluetooth to work properly. Let us now understand how we can turn off Bluetooth when not in use.

Step 1– Click on system or system preferences under the apple menu

Step 2– Click on Bluetooth.

Step 3– Click on turn Bluetooth off.

Application settings or app settings-

We have lots of apps in our phone we know that are pre-installed and post-installed. Pre-installed means the application which has been installed beforehand and not installed by you or any other person that is there when we buy the phone. Post installed means the apps which are installed later on we install these apps due to our need, choices, and necessity. Sometimes uninstalling a pre-installed application is not possible, but uninstalling a post-installing the application can be done and people can uninstall apps that are not required.

Also, applications can be turned off, clear cache, refreshed to have better battery life. Also, there are applications that uses less energy of the battery. We can choose them over the ones which use greater energy than these.

Hardware settings-

Hardware plays a major role in any device. Here hardware means any kind of hardware like- SD cards, hard drives, laptops, or anything else. When we connect any hardware, the battery life of the Macbook reduces a lot. As we know that these two devices are utilising the battery energy consumption, then it is an obvious fact that the energy will reduce sooner and faster. Another point of interest is that Apple recommends and instructs its users to unplug the Macbook to the primary basic energy source when another device is charging of apple.

Turn off the wifi when not in use-

Wifi is a basic criterion in all phones, Macbooks, and other devices, and now often we forget to switch off/ turn off/ disconnect wifi from our devices. When we are at our sweet home we connect through our wifi and use it, but when we are, and we are not using we must switch it off because if both are on wifi and the mobile data, the battery of the phone consumes gallons and huge so taking this decision and making a habit will help our devices to run longer and better.

Turn off the mobile data when not in use-

We are globally, technologically connected through everyone and so much so that it is really difficult for us to take a break from social networking, including each and everything that requires an internet facility. But if we do this once every two for three to four hours at least the time when we are sleeping will definitely help a lot and also through this it will increase the productivity of the battery of the phone.

Enable power nap-

This is another feature, and not every phone has it? It may be regarded as a special feature of iPhone where through setting the phone goes to a power nap, which means the few apps of the phone sleep and unchecked for a selected period of time and hour. We can make our mails, sms and few other applications to remain asleep and thus in the process of reducing consumption of battery life of the phone, macbook.

Another feature is switching over our phone to optimized battery charging-

It means the battery will remain charged by connecting to a computer and be fully charged through that. This is a very effective process.

Thus these are the different ways in which we can reduce the battery life of our Macbook. Some of them are for all kinds of devices, and some are only restricted to Macbook users and Macbook device owners. Battery life increasing is a very important thing in order to have a really long life of the battery of your Macbook.

8 Essential Keyboard Tips Every iPhone Owner Should Know

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iPhone is the Apple made phone which is used by huge consumers and customers across the globe. It is used widely mainly because of its vast security, which makes android a competitive phone in the whole phone business. Knowing every detailing of the phone both as hardware and as software serves the purpose complete. We cannot deny the fact that the iPhone is giving a tough competition towards other softwares of all time. Now to understand how an iPhone works or if you are someone who uses an iPhone and wants to know your phone’s keyboard in a detailed format, then you are in the correct place. Knowing how your iPhone keyboard works is one of the essential parts as the keyboard is where we type each and everything.

iPhone keyboard and the phone is considered to be full of small tricks and interesting elements added to have an enhanced experience. Now let us see or understand the utilities of such a keyboard. Why should we go for an iPhone? And what is there in its keyboard? The keyboard of the iPhone is specifically designed to save time for the customers. There are various ways through which we can make this operational. It manages everything softwares and keys in an organized manner or way.

The interesting keyboard tips-

Now let us understand the various and the interesting ways in which we can make our iPhone work better and in an interesting manner.

Double or Triple Tap to select

This is a feature of any iPhone where double tap and triple tap has different meanings. Double-tap is used only when you want to select a single word and not more than that. On the other hand, triple tap is used when we want to select the entire paragraph. Triple tap means we have to tap three times. After this, the menu will appear which means the list of possible things that we can do after selecting a word or the entire paragraph on iPhone. Often in different software of different phones, we find it really difficult and hard to select something and especially on our laptop or phone. But to our happiness, this feature is present in all keyboards of iPhone phones, iPhones, macbook and others.

Pinch to Copy, Cut, and paste:

This is another feature of the iPhone keyboard where we can copy a selected word or phrase or sentence or paragraph. In the last point, we learned how to copy something on the iPhone keyboard, and now we are going to have an idea how to copy-paste something on our device. First, we have to pinch in or squeeze in with three fingers to copy the text which we have selected before. The steps are not completed here; we have to pinch the second time again because that will help us to cut the selected portion. Now, this is the third step where we can paste the selected portion. For this, we have to move to somewhere new and we have to pinch away or out the three fingers, and then our selection will take place.

Swipe to undo and Redo:

This is another feature of the iPhone where we can redo something or undo something with swiping. When we try to undo something, it means that we have done something wrong and want to erase that part of the text or portion then, we have to swipe the phone screen with our three fingers, and it will be followed by redo naturally. This can be continuously done till we reach our destination of undoing what we actually want. This is another interesting feature of iPhone keyboards and can be used effectively and productively.

Shaking the phone to undo

The last-mentioned step can be a bit tricky for people, and they might feel unable to use it any longer, so there is another interesting option to use, which is shaking the whole phone. In the last step, we were swiping with our three fingers but here, we need to shake the whole phone. After doing so, we might see a menu bar asking us for the reason we can select our own based on the requirement.

We can use the trackpad mode for better Cursor control:

As mentioned earlier, the iPhone keyboard is designed in a very effective and interesting way for its users. Here we need to understand its usage in a proper way. To do this, we can tap and hold the space button, which is known as the long key of the keyboard, and this will help the keyboard to transform into a trackpad. Now the point is why do we need to change to a trackpad? What is its utility?

Let us understand its features in detail.

  • We can use the cursor in the most effective way.
  • We can position the cursor where it should be.
  • Even in the places where it was never.
  • Now with the help of this cursor, we can select the text wherever we want to.
  • If this phone is used in a 3d phone as a 3d touch then this keyboard can be used in the best way possible.

Shift key on iPhone and ipad:

The swift key on the iPhone is another interesting feature in the iPhone where you can use it for multiple purposes. A shift key is used to enhance by capitalizing letters. The shift key is also used to write one finger by tapping on the goal.

We can swipe Across from Numbers and Punctuation:

Here we can swipe across from numbers and punctuations if we want to type chronologically, we can swipe through the numbers or alphabets and get them typed, and even punctuation can be done in this way. As mentioned, the iPhone is something that saves time and hours.

Hide the keyboard:

This is another feature we can hike the keyboard with. This is one of the very interesting features. Till here, we were talking about the ways and tricks for our keyboard to use better, and here we are going to learn how to hide it in order to not use it. There are times when we need to hide the keyboard as we don’t need it then, so this might help. We just need to swipe down from the center of the device display screen to hide the keyboard in such situations.

Other tricks:

Other functions or tricks which we are unable to include in the list may be in some in the future. Those are-

  • We can use a quick path to type with swipes.
  • Drag and drop the cursor
  • We can use control c for copy and control v for paste with the universal clipboard in the computer.
  • We can replace a double space with a period
  • We can pull out alternative characters on the iPad.
  • We can tap and hold on to letters for more options.
  • We can disable the quick type for more space.
  • We can create custom text replacements shortcuts.
  • We can ignore autocorrect replacements.

Thus, these are the few ways in which we can make our keyboard smarter than before. There are many other ways too, but knowing these will help a lot in the upcoming future days. Let’s hope for a better experience with amazing iPhone functions.