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Gaming Tech: How Red Dead Redemption Created their Physics

Gaming Tech: How Red Dead Redemption Created their Physics

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In May of 2010 the world was introduced to John Marston and his not so friendly posse in Red Dead Redemption. The game was a resounding success when it came out and was praised for it’s fleshed out characters, massive and flowing open world and engaging gameplay. Over the years the Red Dead Redemption series has gained a significant fan community. There is fan art, mods, hacks, entire groups of peoples dedicated to talking about this game. Personally, I like to add a few hacks onto my game to improve my aim during fights. If you’re the same, then veteran cheats has you covered for red dead redemption hacks. It’s interesting to look at how games get such a big following to even have dedicated cheat codes and hacks like on veteran cheats, what made this game so popular in the first place? If you ask me, it’s the physics engines they use, starting with RAGE for the first game and then moving onto Euphoria for the sequel.


What is RAGE?

RAGE also known as the Rockstar Advanced Game Engine is a physics engine used by Rockstar to create some of their biggest action open-world titles including Grand Theft Auto IV, Grand Theft Auto V and of course Red Dead Redemption. Before moving to the RAGE engine Rockstar were using a less developed RenderWare engine when creating some of their early products. The issue with RenderWare was scale, Rockstar had big ambitions and the RenderWare engine wasn’t able to support the larger open world games that they really wanted to spend time developing. So when Criterion Games was bought by the production company EA, Rockstar jumped at the opportunity to hire their own team and build their RAGE engine.

What does RAGE do?

The main draw of the RAGE engine compare to older physics engines was its ability to handle complex and sprawling worlds with more developed AI and vastly improved weather generation and effects. This meant that Rockstar could really put the work into creating open worlds that feel thriving, full of life and most importantly felt good to play in as a sandbox. From there forward they continued to develop the engine, increasing its size and scope. They mainly worked on increasing its graphical capabilities to improve the look of their following games but unfortunately you have to move on to a new engine someday.

How is Euphoria different?

Whilst the RAGE engine really set the stage for what a good physics engine could do, as consoles became more technologically capable, it was time for the physics engines to catch up. This is where Euphoria comes in. Rockstar used Euphoria during the production of Red Dead Redemption 2 and it shows. The physics engine worked to improve physics-based reactions between the player and their surroundings meaning that the world felt much more alive and interactable. One good example that the games director of technology Phil Hooker used was about the interaction between a player and their horse. He went on to describe that if a horse was shot and killed whilst the player was riding it, the new engine would allow for more realistic outcomes to that situation. Instead of a canned animation or cutscene playing out, the horse could fall over, the player could fall off and get dragged along by the horse or the player could even get stuck under the body of the dead horse and have to break free. These major additions really help to make the entire game feel like a unique experience for each player and is why I believe that Red Dead Redemption is such an important series of games for so many people. It’s all the extra details added by the physics engine to improve gameplay flow.

The 5 Basics to Building a Solid SQL Database

The 5 Basics to Building a Solid SQL Database

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SQL also known as; Structured Query Language is a type of programming language that is mainly used in systems based in database management. Knowing how to build ana manage an SQL database is a highly sought-after skill on the job market at the moment. Any company that collects any form of data is likely to need a group of skilled professionals fluent in SQL programming techniques so it’s important to make sure you known the ins and outs of how it works. You don’t want to get caught with no answer after getting asked some SQL interview questions for your dream programming job so here are the basics to making sure you know how SQL works.

What is the basic knowledge?

It’s always important to make sure when you start a new project to give yourself a refresh on the basic aspects of what you’re doing, weather you’re a professional or a completely new beginner. Building an SQL database can be quite a complex and sometimes laborious so make sure that you know about DBMS and RDBMS, what primary and unique keys are, what a join. Familiarize yourself with the vocabulary and definitions that run the SQL and then you can get started.

What should I include in the database?

Once you have this work done, its important to make sure that you decide what needs to be included in the table, so you know how to set them up. For example, you are working for a shipping department for an online store. The information you have on customers includes, Name, address, phone number, age, email address and delivery date. You can decide that for the delivery drivers, the only information that they would need is the Name, address, delivery date and maybe the phone number. By doing this you are able to make sure that only the relevant information goes to the right people and it makes building your database a much less cluttered experience.

What should I designate as the primary key?

The primary key is the field in the table that is completely unique. At often times this should be something like an order number, a product ID, a username. Some form of unique piece of data that separates the different entries. This is mainly used as a way to quicky identify separate entries of data within the table and help later on when searching through the tables for specific information.

How do I organize my tables?

Once you have your tables designated with the right information it is very useful to create a table diagram. This puts all of your tables in small windows next to each other allowing you to see all the information going through your tables at once. Not only is this useful as a way to mark your progress but doing so allows you to create certain relationships between the different tables. This will ensure that two separate tables that have matching sections, are linked and cross referenced with each other.

Why are queries important?

Queries are effectively the fruit of your labor. A query is basically a way of saying a search. Just as you would google something on the internet, in a database you would use a query. Being able to quickly and effectively query is very important as it shows that your tables are working as they are intended to or more importantly aren’t. If you use a query and find that you don’t get the right information, it shows that you need to go back into the database to do some troubleshooting which is better than getting complaints about it not working properly down the line.

And there you have it, 5 basic tips that will make sure your SQL is up to scratch and ready to be used in the future.

10 Tips for Using Technology in Your Classroom

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Every day we take an additional progressive step towards embarking on the journey of digital and technology. While technology has been making many industrial and technical fields easy, there is almost/no empowerment of technology in the educational area.

The technology could come with a great deal of help for both teachers and students if used wisely. Most of the teachers are clueless about incorporating in their educational classes, and students have rather misused their availability of technology.

To help out most of our teachers and students here are ten tips for using technology as a part of education in your classrooms:

Subject over digital tool:

There are so many digital tools available for teachers and students, thanks to technology. Instead of pressuring over how to use every educational tool, concentrate on delivering the subject with an appropriate digital agency. Take opinions from students and improve the atmosphere of your classroom with the right available tool.

It is unnecessary to incorporate all educational tools in your classes. Too much technological pour on your notes can doze your students off. Balance your teaching skills with both your notes and digital tools to enhance your student’s learning. Remember, digital tools should lessen your burden and make students’ learning more comfortable, not the other way round.

Opt for safe and proven methods:

Internet is filled with so many tools and information; it’s difficult to read and teach in your teaching. Rely on only educational websites and apps that professionals and educators can update and pass the websites’ information. Content is sites like Wikipedia can be changed and altered by anyone, so surf before trusting a digital tool or website.

Some websites can also post some misleading and telltale facts and figures that can delude your teaching skills. Beware of unauthorized guidance from anywhere on Internet: download power-points, notes or pictures, and videos from trusted and preferred sources and sites.

Balance technology and teaching:

Technology is supposed to make our lives easy, agreed. But technology isn’t really perfect. It is almost filled with misleading, manipulative, and plagiarized work in disguise. Depending on Internet can hinder both teacher’s and student’s learning and overall performance.

Download all the papers required beforehand, prepare notes both physically and virtually, mix and match your subject letters with tools available. Either way, if one fails, you’ll have another choice in your hand. Be prepared anyway; it’ll help you stay on track with teaching students.

Pose alternates to students:

At the end of the day, it’s the student who needs to understand and learn. The teacher should present alternatives available for students without tiring themselves. Students should have the liberty to choose which option would make it easier and interesting for them.

Also, students can use all these alternatives to enhance their creativity during their assignments and projects. Students will learn how to use multiple tools and options and understand how to improve their work and manage time.

Teachers can learn multi-tasking and reduce their burden quite a lot by using both effortless and time-saving alternatives.

Use multi-media to make work fun:

Old school methodologies like paper work related submissions are time-consuming and require a lot of energy. Instead, give a swap of change and indulge multi-media choices into submission or formatting projects. Preparing videos, creating power-point presentations, and circulating notes using the camera to click pictures make work easier and learning fun yet practical.

Teachers can carry all the work that has to be scrutinized by them in their e-gadget! Goodbye to a heavy bag and clumsy work. Also, students cannot use any excuses for a late submission.

Produce Virtual content:

One of the fantastic benefits technology gives us is handling work and post/store in any electronic gadget. We can submit, send, receive notes and assignments with a single tap on your mobile phones or laptops.

It also enhances a student’s interest and passion for a subject or topic. Many tools will be a great deal of help to students in developing their work virtually. They can make any changes or add information quickly, also effortlessly.

Open an online classroom for students:

We have tools like Google classroom, where teachers can create a group for students. It is like a virtual classroom; students can post questions or doubts after school working hours. Teachers can send reference links, online courses, or any new information about a subject all at once.

Students can always know about syllabus or classes updates with one click. They can also figure out their assignments or work in the tools used for an online classroom.

Teach your experiences online:

While teachers get familiar with tools designed for educational purposes, they have to guide and teach students how to use specific tools for better performance and save time.

The teacher can also take classes on such tools to help students get used to them. This way, students won’t get tangled up in technology tools’ depth and learn time management.

Use tools for virtual field trips:

There so many digital tools that can virtually take students outside the classroom for a field trip. While teaching, use these tools to create an exciting atmosphere where students can indulge in visual experiences without stepping outside the classroom.

Students quickly grasp knowledge through visual aids. So, research about sources or ways to present a topic or chapter by showing some visual aids or tours for students. This way, learning can be fun and memorable.

Do not be scared to explore:

Most of the teachers are scared or terrified to use technology as a part of their curriculum. Students often misuse or skip their classes by using their phones unnecessarily. You can prevent this by blocking or banning a few URLs, continually checking on your student’s performance or merely confiscating phones if required.

By using technology, teachers can create an exquisite atmosphere for learning. Do not step back, looking at the limitations. Look for safe and innovative apps available for your classes.

Technology creates an amazing world for us to live in. However, if one uses it for his benefits and aids, technology can be progressive. Most people who can access this wonder often misuse it because they don’t know the depth of technology. With the proper use and knowledge, technology is always a boon for humankind.

10 Ways to Boost Your Wi-Fi Signal

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Everything is done online these days. Not a single day goes by when we do not need the internet. But when the internet speed becomes slow, there are wireless dead zones, Wi-Fi signals drop, or we cannot stream- the world seems to come to a standstill! Wi-Fi can be very uncertain at times! You have a good signal, and once you move five steps in a different direction, the speed suddenly drops! However, there are various factors which influence the speed of the Wi-Fi signal. If you are facing a slow signal, here are ten ways to boost your Wi-Fi signal:

Pick a suitable place for your router:

Placing your router at a suitable place is very important for the desired signal. There are various household items and places that can influence the signal of your Wi-Fi. Here are some places that you need to avoid:

  • Metal disrupts the signal of the Wi-Fi greatly. To avoid this, you need to avoid placing your Wi-Fi near any metallic objects or appliances emitting electromagnetic waves such as microwave ovens, dishwashers, etc. These objects can create a dead zone near your router.
  • Materials such as foam, glass, wood and plastics can disrupt a signal to a certain extent. Also, avoid placing your router near a stud. You can find the presence of a stud with the help of a stud detector or an app.
  • Try keeping your router away from televisions, washing machines, cordless phones, etc. as they can lower the router’s performance.

Update your router:

Updating your router is a critical job to protect it from malware. Once a malware attacks a router, it steals the bandwidth and makes it slow and spreads to other networks. Here is how to stay updated with the latest version:

  • Connect your router’s network with a web browser.
  • Enter the IP address of your router.
  • Log in with your username and password.
  • Scroll through the options until you come across Router or Update Firmware Update.
  • Let the router update to the latest firmware.

Install a robust antenna:

A robust antenna can boost up your Wi-Fi speed to a great extent. Mostly the companies provide weak antennas since they are smaller in size (4 dB, 2 or 3 inches). More robust antennas (10 dB), can be 10 to 15 inches long. If the size is not a problem, instead of buying a new router, consider getting a powerful antenna instead!

Set a Wi-Fi password:

An open Wi-Fi network will enable your neighbours and strangers to use your Wi-Fi, thus decreasing its performance. Encrypting and setting a strong password is very important. Here are some rules that you can follow:

  • Do not use common passwords, for example, 98765, password, etc.
  • Make sure to include uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers and symbols.
  • Short passwords can be easily guessed, so set up a password that is at least eight characters long.
  • Set a password that does not include your personal information.

Use a Wi-Fi booster or repeater:

To enhance the performance of your Wi-Fi, consider purchasing a Wi-Fi booster or repeater.

Wi-Fi repeaters rebroadcast the primary signal as a new network, whereas Wi-Fi boosters amplify the signal before rebroadcasting it. These devices can cost less than $100 and can be easily installed by pressing the WPS button.

Use a different Wi-Fi channel:

Switching over to a different Wi-Fi channel can be a great way to boost your router’s performance. Various countries offer multiple channels, such as 1, 2, 6, 14, etc. However, most users keep the router connected to the default channels, i.e. 1 and 6. Using the default channels can create traffic since most of the users use these channels. To avoid this, find the least used channel and switch over to it. Here is how to do it:

  • Login to your router.
  • Go to Settings> Select Wireless Settings.
  • Click on Channel> Select your desired channel.
  • Click on Save

After your router restarts, use a network analyzer to verify if the channel is working or not.

Control applications that consume a lot of bandwidth:

Certain applications consume a lot of bandwidth, which makes it very difficult for downloading and uploading. However, with QoS (Quality of Service), you can prioritize specific applications of your choice. To enable it:

  • Login to your router.
  • Go to Settings> Open Wireless Settings.
  • Go to QoS Settings> Configure the QoS Rules> Save.

Upgrade your router to the latest technology:

Upgrading your Wi-Fi network to the latest technology can boost the upload and download speed and the range of the signal. You can upgrade to the newest technology, such as IEEE 802.11ac to boost your Wi-Fi performance. Unless you have a strict budget, try purchasing a costly router with the newest technology and features such as Quality of Service, gigabit Ethernet ports, MU-MIMO, etc.

Use 5 GHz wireless frequency:

If your router supports the 5GHz frequency, you should consider switching over to it as it offers faster data rates and is less busy. Here is how to do it:

  • Login to your router.
  • Go to Settings> Open Wireless Settings tab.
  • Change 802.11 band to 5GHz.
  • Click on Apply> Restart your router.

Boost the performance by Mesh Wi-Fi System:

In many cases, even a robust Wi-Fi network cannot cover your office or house’s entire living space. In such cases, it is best to set up a Mesh Wi-Fi system. This is a system consisting of the main router and multiple satellite units to provide superior Wi-Fi coverage. Before setting up the system, ensure that the nodes are close enough to pick a strong signal while covering the dead zones! However, you should keep in mind that Mesh Wi-Fi System is not cheap, and if you have a large house, you would require multiple units for the unit to work effectively!

Although Wi-Fi signal issues are common, there are several ways to fix them! So are you facing Wi-Fi signal issues? Just try these ten ways to boost up your Wi-Fi performance! Unless your router is too old, its performance will surely increase!

Best iOS Tips to Boost Productivity

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Most of the Apple devices, such as iPhone, iPad, etc., run on Apple’s crisp operating platform called iOS. We can do nearly everything on our smartphones- starting from sending emails to attending video conference calls. However, sometimes it can seem that Windows and Macs are more efficient than smartphones when it comes to multitasking and productivity. But this not true. When it comes to boosting your phone’s productivity, a few tips and tricks can help to do that very quickly. If you are using iPhone or iPad, here are the ten best iOS tips to boost productivity:

Touch gestures for quick navigation:

Learning touch gestures can quickly boost your phone’s productivity. It can help you switch between apps and perform other tasks that might require a button.

  • For iPhone and iPad: a quick zoom-in feature helps to navigate through Maps more easily. You can double tap on the Maps app to zoom in and zoom out by tapping with two fingers. Archiving or deleting a mail is also very easy. All you need to do is tap and hold the mail in the Mail app, and a menu will pop up asking you to archive or delete the mail.
  • For iPad: to return to the home screen, pinch the screen with five fingers. This will close the current app that you are using.
  1. Sync all the browser data:

To sync all your browser across all of your devices, you need to enable iCloud to sync browsing data from the Safari app. iCloud automatically syncs all of the web browser data, bookmarks, history, etc., across all iOS devices and Macs.

Here are the steps to enable syncing:

  • Go to settings> Tap on the icon of your profile
  • At the center of the screen, tap on iCloud
  • Turn on the Safari option
  1. Enable the Reader Mode in Safari:

Needless to that, advertisements and clumsy web design can make your reading experience sour. It can also distract you from the main content. This can be avoided with the help of the Reader Mode. With Reader Mode enabled, all the texts and images will be compressed to a newspaper style. To enable Reader Mode:

  • Open the desired article in Safari
  • Tap on the ‘three horizontal lines’ at the top left corner of the screen to enable the Reader Mode.
  1. Use Spotlight to make things easy:

Spotlight is one of the best tools offered by Apple’s iOS for a quick reference. With various features added with every version, here are some of the things that Spotlight can do:

  • A basic operation in Math
  • Conversion of currency
  • Launching applications
  • Searching web and maps
  • Searching Wikipedia
  • Conversion of temperature and measurement
  1. Siri can read to you:

Apple’s virtual assistant has a little-known text-to-speech reader that can read aloud texts to you. The text can be of a few words, lines, paragraphs, or even a complete screen. Here are the steps to enable it:

  • Go to Settings> Scroll down and click on General
  • Click on Accessibility
  • Select Speech> Enable Speak Selection> From the right side of the screen, select Speak Screen from the slider button
  • Highlight the text that you want Siri to read, and then select the menu’s Speak option. If you want Siri to read the whole screen, swipe down with two fingers from the top of the screen
  1. Remember everything with location based reminders:

With the help of the Reminders app, you can add location based reminders. This means that you will receive a notification about a specific thing that needs to get done when you arrive at a specific location. For example, if you want to remember to buy cucumbers when you arrive at the grocery store, Reminders will do that for you! Here are the steps to enable this feature:

  • Go to Reminders app> Tap on the ‘plus’ sign to add a new reminder.
  • Type your reminder > Select the ‘info’ key
  • To enable location based reminders, tap the ‘Remind at a location.’
  • Tap on Location and select the location by searching for it
  • You can select when to be reminded- on arriving at the location or leaving it> Tap on ‘Done.’
  1. Use text replacement to type faster:

When there is a long phrase or a set of long words that you have to use repeatedly, use Text Replacement to type faster! This feature of iOS enables the user to set his own abbreviations. For example, by setting ‘ntht,’ you can autocomplete the sentence to ‘Nice to hear that’! To enable this feature, you follow these steps:

  • Go to Settings> Select the General.
  • At the bottom of the screen, tap Keyboard
  • To add your phrase, select Text Replacement and tap on the ‘plus sign.’
  1. Adding attachments is now easier:

Adding an attachment in an email is quite a tedious job! But with the new version of iOS 11, adding an attachment is faster than ever! While writing your email, press and hold on the screen. After selecting Add Attachment, select the file that you want to attach from the Files view.

  1. You can save your webpages offline:

Saving your webpages offline can help you when there is no internet or when you are boarding an airplane that does not have Wi-Fi. You can access this feature with the help of Safari’s Reading List. To enable this feature:

  • Load the article in Safari
  • Tap on Share> In the pop up window, tap Save to Reading List
  • In the pop up window, tap Save Automatically
  • Click Bookmarks to read the saved articles
  • At the center of the screen, tap the Reading List button (pair of glasses) to view the saved articles.
  1. Cloud storage is more manageable with Files:

With the iOS 11 version, users can download the Files app with which all the files can be easily searched across all cloud storage services like Google Drive and iCloud Drive.

Have you used any of these tips before? With a new productivity-boosting feature coming with every version, the above features will significantly increase your iPhone or iPad’s productivity!

Gmail Tips and Tricks that You Might Want to Know About

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With newer technologies and various communication modes, the entire world has turned into a global village. Connecting one person to others no longer requires travelling long distances. This is possible only because of the ease with which social media can be accessed.

Those days are gone, when people used to write letters, go to the post offices and post them, then wait endlessly to receive a reply for at least fifteen days. Now, letters are exchanged with just a click. This ease of communication is only possible due to the online mailing system. Gmail is one of them. Being one of the most ancient tools that aid in connecting people, Gmail has indeed become an integral part of our lives.

Like any other technological tool, even Gmail undergoes updating from time to time. What if the experience with google gets more personalized and easy to access? The following article discusses some of the important features that Gmail offers making it attractive and easy to use.

Gmail Tips and Tricks that are worth knowing:

From sending and receiving important documents in no time to accessing them anywhere, Gmail has benefited one and all. Over the years, almost every work sector has adopted Gmail for its official use. Not only that, Gmail is widely used for personal uses also.

1. Changing privacy settings and adding confidential mode:

While performing any online activity, we are always concerned with its privacy and security. We can add privacy to our devices through password settings or fingerprint scans, but can email be also protected? The answer is yes. One of the most exciting features that Gmail offers is to add confidential mode to our messages. Enabling this mode prevents the receiver from forwarding, copying or even from downloading it for a specified duration of time. To implement this, the sender needs to click on the lock symbol present in the same row as the send button and then choose the desired settings. However, sometimes even such hacks tend to fail and cause a data breach, therefore the sender must always be careful while sending confidential stuff.

2. Schedule sending:

Often we are required to send certain emails at a particular time and not just after composing it. However, running through busy schedules, we often miss the deadline. But, with one of the latest features of Gmail, this no longer remains a problem. Instead of clicking on the send button, all we need to do is click on the drop-down arrow beside it and choose the “schedule send” button. Upon clicking it, a drop-down list appears where one needs to set the date and time of sending the email. That’s it, the job is done. The receiver will receive the email at a scheduled time.

3. Undo send even after sending the email:

Many of us regret sending an email and wish to prevent it from sending even after the send button is clicked. This feature is also available in Gmail now. After sending an email, for a short period, a message flashes stating “undo send”, clicking on that stops the message from being sent. However, the duration for which the message flashes is very short. To apply this feature, one needs to go to general settings which can be seen under settings option in the Gmail window and choose the “undo send” button from there. Finally, choose the required time limit, from the options given below.

4. Saving messages as templates:

Quite a few times we require sending the same mail over and over again to various people. This job is not only repetitive but also time-consuming. To get rid of this, Gmail provides a feature in which messages can be saved as templates. To access this, one needs to go to settings and choose the advanced option from there. In the advanced tab, the templates option needs to be enabled, then after composing the frequently typed mail click on more button and choose templates option from the drop-down list, and further click on save “template as draft”. Thus, templates can be used in future and also deleted.

5. Setting reminders:

Gmail linking google drive and google calendars can also make an online list of tasks scheduled for particular dates. To enable this option, one needs to choose the task button from the Gmail window, and click on the added task. From the drop-down list, add the details of the task and thus a reminder of the task is set.

6. Categorize inbox as desired:

Usually, the following five tabs namely primary, promotions, Social, updates and forums are present under inbox. However, we can choose which one to feature and which not to. To use this feature, one needs to go to settings and then choose inbox. From the categories list displayed click only on the desired ones. Once done, click on save changes present at the end of the dialogue box.

7. Adding messages to favorites:

Certain emails are more important than others. To access them in no time, one can click on the “star symbol” present at the extreme left side of the message. In this way, important emails can be added to favorites. Since Gmail does not support pinning messages to top, one can add important messages to “favorites” list, then go to inbox under the settings tab, and choose the first option from there. This feature will allow important emails to appear at the top.

8. Filter emails:

Often from a bulk of many mails, we need to choose a particular email, to do this, we need to click on more buttons present at the top of the Gmail window, and choose “Filter messages like this’ ‘ option. In the drop-down list, fill the desired criteria and finally click on the option “create filter”.


Thus, Gmail is considered to be a very useful tool, offering a wide range of advantages. Messages sent through Gmail are kept online in an organized manner such that it can be accessed anytime anywhere. Not only this, it provides huge storage such that all our data can be backed up. Gmail also assures us high-level security, which implies our data remains protected and private. Moreover, the entire service is free. Implementing the options discussed above, one can make their Gmail account more organized and thus enhance their browsing experiences. Thus, the only thing one needs to access this wide range of benefits is just to have a G-mail ID.

How To Increase Your Macbook’s Battery Life?

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In today’s world of technology and network growth and advancements people are into the latest technological device but when we buy our latest expensive device we want it to last longer, work better, and in a productive way this will give us a certain kind of experience in a better way and profound way. Now let us speak about Macbooks, which are very common devices used among school goers, college goers, office goers, and other workers. The system is very handy and very productive, and hence having a great battery life will enhance our experience regarding the application of the device.

Now before we dive into the detailing and a list-wise discussion, let us understand why we need a longer expectancy of our devices.

  • It reduces financial insecurity or wastage of money.
  • It helps to maintain our devices in a proper way.
  • It stops machinery from heat and later damage.
  • It helps to have the best usage of our device.
  • A Macbook is something which students use a lot, so proper charging and maintainence are very important.

Now let us understand with proper detailing what keeps the Macbook’s battery going on, what we can do, and what we can avoid doing.

Reducing brightness-

If you reduce the brightness of your device, it might work longer with maximum productivity. The light of the phone or the Macbook is only required when we are using it for videography or reading something. Adjusting and understanding brightness will help to have a greater life. Now let us discuss several points by which we can reduce the light when not in use.The user of the phone can select through settings by clicking on the second most left button, which is F1.

We need to have our keyboard backlight off, which helps to reduce energy.

We can disconnect Bluetooth when not in use-

This is the same for every device and not only Macbook or apple devices but also for all other applications. Bluetooth is an app which we use very less after today’s technological development, so we can use it smartly when not in use or when we do not want to use it. But there are certain applications that need Bluetooth to work properly. Let us now understand how we can turn off Bluetooth when not in use.

Step 1– Click on system or system preferences under the apple menu

Step 2– Click on Bluetooth.

Step 3– Click on turn Bluetooth off.

Application settings or app settings-

We have lots of apps in our phone we know that are pre-installed and post-installed. Pre-installed means the application which has been installed beforehand and not installed by you or any other person that is there when we buy the phone. Post installed means the apps which are installed later on we install these apps due to our need, choices, and necessity. Sometimes uninstalling a pre-installed application is not possible, but uninstalling a post-installing the application can be done and people can uninstall apps that are not required.

Also, applications can be turned off, clear cache, refreshed to have better battery life. Also, there are applications that uses less energy of the battery. We can choose them over the ones which use greater energy than these.

Hardware settings-

Hardware plays a major role in any device. Here hardware means any kind of hardware like- SD cards, hard drives, laptops, or anything else. When we connect any hardware, the battery life of the Macbook reduces a lot. As we know that these two devices are utilising the battery energy consumption, then it is an obvious fact that the energy will reduce sooner and faster. Another point of interest is that Apple recommends and instructs its users to unplug the Macbook to the primary basic energy source when another device is charging of apple.

Turn off the wifi when not in use-

Wifi is a basic criterion in all phones, Macbooks, and other devices, and now often we forget to switch off/ turn off/ disconnect wifi from our devices. When we are at our sweet home we connect through our wifi and use it, but when we are, and we are not using we must switch it off because if both are on wifi and the mobile data, the battery of the phone consumes gallons and huge so taking this decision and making a habit will help our devices to run longer and better.

Turn off the mobile data when not in use-

We are globally, technologically connected through everyone and so much so that it is really difficult for us to take a break from social networking, including each and everything that requires an internet facility. But if we do this once every two for three to four hours at least the time when we are sleeping will definitely help a lot and also through this it will increase the productivity of the battery of the phone.

Enable power nap-

This is another feature, and not every phone has it? It may be regarded as a special feature of iPhone where through setting the phone goes to a power nap, which means the few apps of the phone sleep and unchecked for a selected period of time and hour. We can make our mails, sms and few other applications to remain asleep and thus in the process of reducing consumption of battery life of the phone, macbook.

Another feature is switching over our phone to optimized battery charging-

It means the battery will remain charged by connecting to a computer and be fully charged through that. This is a very effective process.

Thus these are the different ways in which we can reduce the battery life of our Macbook. Some of them are for all kinds of devices, and some are only restricted to Macbook users and Macbook device owners. Battery life increasing is a very important thing in order to have a really long life of the battery of your Macbook.

Incredible Google Maps Tricks That You Need To Try

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You have probably heard of Google Maps. It is the handiest app out there that tells the distance between Distance A to Distance B in seconds and is hard to imagine navigating without the app.

Apart from this, they also provide traffic information, help in discovering new places, etc., but do you know there is much more to the app that you’re probably missing out on. In the article, you’re going to learn about Google Maps tricks you need to try now and get the most out of the map.

Remember your parking location

If you forget where you parked your vehicle in the prominent parking place, you’re not alone. Google Maps bought an easy solution to the problem. Now you can access it by just saving your location with a few clicks.

You just need to click on the location icon below, then click on the blue dot and save your location, and you’re done. You can modify it and add notes and pictures for better assistance. You need to click on the search bar to access it, and you see the parking label. It is accessible through Google assistant as well, fast and straightforward.

Travel back in time

You can now see the street view of anyplace from a few years ago or present. You don’t need a desktop to use this feature anymore with the latest update now, and you can use it on the app. You can access this feature by clicking on the stopwatch or clicking on the street view option.

Remember, this feature isn’t available for every place, but you can give it a try. It provides a 4-dimensional view and zoom-in and zoom-out to get the virtual experience of the past streets.

Incognito mode on

Privacy is important to everyone. If you want to go around somewhere without keeping track of your activity or logging, you can try the new incognito mode to avoid adding any search in your log history.

The activity you do while on Google Incognito isn’t recorded, and you’re not visible to anyone on the apps so, be careful while using this feature.

Go Offline on Maps

You might not get an Internet connection everywhere you go, for that Google bought in Offline Mode where you can download the apps for using them anywhere, anytime without an Internet connection. This is useful for times when you know in advance that there will not be any Internet connection.

You have to search the place, take out the map location, and click on the option Offline Map to save the map. You can access it from there when you need it afterward. Keep in mind you cannot access live information like traffic details on a downloaded map.

Multiple Locations

If you need to stop to or more or destinations between your trips, you can add multiple stops using the + icon. The icon may differ for different software. It allows you to add up to nine destinations within a single trip.

You can also search for destinations like a convenience store, ATMs, and shops with a shortcut under the search bar. Or physically type the location in the search bar and click on Add stop. Some suggestions are provided by google maps in case you don’t know where you want to go.

Share your Location

Sharing your location is helpful to help someone with directions without much effort. Someone can share their live place for 25 minutes to up to 3 days. You can choose who you want to share your location with and for how much time.

The steps are pretty straightforward, and you can share the location by clicking on Share your location on your profile icon. The person with whom you share your location can see your real-time location, which means it will move as you move.

Hand-free Navigation

It is one of the Google Map tricks that you should try now while driving. It is hard to use your phone to search for anything or even navigate through the apps. Most of the time, it’s risky to take your eyes off the road. In that case, you can use Google commands to navigate.

Try saying, “Ok Google, Which street is this” or “Hey Google, Which turns should I take.”

Many other commands can be used to use your phone without touching the phone, like finding any nearby stop for quick snacks or finding a gas station.

Measure Distance

You can measure the distance between any two points. Open the app and click on any location, any point you want, tap on the option- measure distance and choose the other place. A white point appears on the selected position.

A card at the left corner shows the distance. Add as many points (locations) you want of any place on earth and calculate the distance between them.

Favorite Spots

Keeping a list of your favorite spots to share with your friends and for yourself is easy with this feature. You can click on the location and tap Save. You can save it to the area on an existing list or create a new one. For example, you can create a list of all your favorite places to eat.

These lists are accessible offline too. You can give your name to the places and access the map without searching for the location again and again.

Recommendation and Local Shops

There are various options available for any place. If you want to get an ice-cream but can’t make up your mind where you want to go, you can take help from Google Map recommendations. The recommendations are based on their popularity and reviews.

You can access the feature by tapping on the blue dots and select “places near you”. Scroll through the options and discover new places. Some information is provided which helps you choose the location you like.

Here are all the Google Maps tricks you can try today. It will help to improve your experience with Google Maps. There is still a lot more on Google Maps, but these are the most exciting and helpful tricks. Give them a try!

Top Reasons to Love Technology

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Have you ever wondered what it would be like to live without your mobile phone or computer for a single day? Maybe just a couple of decades back, people would not have thought about the technology we now possess. We cannot even imagine a single day without the technologies that we have today! The importance of technology is immense! Everything has its pros and cons, and so does technology. However, the advantages of technology surpass its disadvantages. Here are the top 9 reasons to love technology:

It helps to decrease your dependency on others

Technology has enabled us to become self-sufficient. Every query can be more or less solved with the help of several useful mobile applications. Here are some valuable ways by which technology has helped us to reduce dependency on others:

Several mobile applications provide an accurate overall map to guide you through any unknown location.

Nearly everything can be ordered online, starting from television to food. There is no need to get out of your house when you do not want to.

Hotel and flight bookings can be made instantly, and you do not have to depend on travel agents!

Electronic items are a time saver:

Electronic goods have made our lives a lot easier. Equipment such as a blender, juicer, grinder etc., have made cooking very convenient. Just think about the time you save every day! Television, computer, tablets, etc., serve as our primary entertainment sources. They also help us to educate on a wide variety of subjects. For example, in a newspaper, people can only read about the news, whereas on television, the major events are covered live by journalists. It also showcases the conditions of the environment more vividly and clearly.

It helps a lot in education:

Searching for information has become a lot easier than it was before. We can always rely on a web browser to search for quick information instead of looking for it tirelessly in a book. Ebooks, the internet and audiobooks are readily and easily accessible. With such electronic gadgets, various subjects such as science, history, literature, etc., can be read very quickly. Even our parents could not have dreamt of accessing books so quickly! They used to spend hours in the library searching for information from various books.

It helps to save money and time:

No doubt technology helps us to make our lives easier. With the help of modern machines, production time for goods has become very less. With the advancement of technology, modern tools, mass production capacity, and techniques have significantly improved. Nearly production of every interest is completed with less workforce- this means savings for the company. Moreover, these machines are much more efficient than human power. Since the overall cost of manufacturing is reduced, consumers can afford them at a much lesser time!

It is a boon for the medical industry:

Technological advancement has been a boon for the medical industry. With new machines and equipment being brought into the market nearly every year, surgeries and medical testing has become more efficient. These machines and the technologies used in manufacturing medicines has also helped in increasing its efficiency. New technologies are also responsible for creating and updating new medication every day to make our lives less restricted and painless.

Devices such as heartbeat trackers, blood sugar testing machines etc., have also made our daily travel to medical diagnostic centers less frequent. With just the help of a small machine being fitted to his body, a diabetic person can know the type of food suitable for him.

It has created a seamless world:

The primary reason for which people all over the world love technology is because it is available to everyone. Regardless of gender, caste or race, everyone can access the benefits of technology. People can express their views openly and freely on the internet and social media. It has eradicated the barriers of cultures, time zones and language.

It keeps us connected:

Mobile phones and webcams are the inventions of a lifetime! But how can we overlook the internet that helps us to be connected? How can we forget that mobile phones keep us connected all the time and anywhere in the world! We can be in any part of the world, yet we never lose touch with our loved ones! Earlier people used to wait for months and weeks for letters to arrive!

Social media is also a great way to make new friends and be updated with your current friends’ lives. Some social media platforms also offer some attractive features such as sharing videos etc. These features are beneficial in instilling knowledge or helping with education.

It can save lives:

There is no denying that technology has been able to predict natural calamities and have warned us. Although it has not been possible to predict the onset of any natural disaster accurately, scientists have cautioned us before the onset of any natural disaster. Tsunamis, earthquakes, severe storms, etc., are successfully predicted. This is only possible because of the advancement of technology. This has helped in saving millions of lives as it gives people time to prepare for the worst!

It is saving the earth from becoming less green:

Even a few decades back, no one would have imagined sending emails! People were always dependent on mailing their documents, letter, etc., through postboxes. Nowadays, this practice is barely followed. With the help of emails, we are updated within a few seconds. Not only time is a factor, but saving paper is also a significant factor. Lesser the prevalence of physical letters, more secondary is cutting down trees and greening our earth remains! The same is the case with books. Although many people love to read books, ebooks are widely prevalent! And the best part is that it also helps to reduce cutting down of trees. All thanks to technology!

Technology is no doubt a boon to human life! We cannot even imagine a single day without the necessary amenities such as a refrigerator, mobile phone, computers, watches, internet, etc.- all being the product of technology!

What is Chrome Canary and Is It Safe?

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Released in 2008, Google Chrome has become one of the most widely used web browsers because of its crisp design and ease of use. Whenever a new feature or bug fixes are updated, Google Chrome has to undergo a series of intense testing. However, what if you want to try out these updated features before the general users? Just switch over to Chrome Canary!

Chrome Canary- An Introduction:

Google Chrome browser provides its users four release channels: Beta, Stable, Dev, and Canary. With the help of Canary, one of these release channels, Chrome aims at testers and developers to test these bugs and features. The main aim of these developers and testers are to report the issues and bugs so that Chrome can fix them quickly. Users cannot set the Canary version as their default browser since it is unstable. However, even though it can break down completely, developers might still want to use it.

Features of Chrome Canary:

Chrome Canary comes with some beneficial and exciting features! Let us take a look at it:

  • Capping heavy data: whenever a web page is loaded, users are unaware of the data it will consume. After the ‘Heavy page capping’ feature is enabled, users will know whenever the page exceeds the limit. They can also stop the pictures and video from loading. Users can enable the ‘low’ feature, and the data consumed will be low as 1 MB.
  • Customization of tabs: some users find the Chrome tabs and its positioning too dull. However, with the ‘New tab’ button, the tabs can be shifted to a new position, such as the left, right, or after the tabs. A button called ‘Single-tab mode’ with which a subtle fading effect will be added to the tab.
  • Gamepad vibrations: certain browser games requires a game controller to play them. If you are a fan of rumbles, you can enable the controller’s rumble feature on Chrome by enabling the’ gamepad vibration’ option.
  • Latest UI features: Canary enables users to access the latest chrome features. To use these new features, enable the ‘Use all upcoming UI features.’ By doing this, you will see all the future changes that will come in Chrome.
  • Block downloads from insecure sites: the ‘Block unsafe downloads over insecure connections’ blocks downloads that can use insecure origins in the redirect chain.

Who should use Chrome Canary?

Chrome Canary is not suitable for everyone, as it is an unstable browser. So this might lead to users shifting to a different browser. Issues such as crashes, bugs, slowdowns, etc., might arise daily.

Hence, Canary is primarily meant for quality assurance testers, developers, and curious technical people! But if users want to help Chrome become even better, they can switch to canary to test its features and control the bugs. Once bugs are identified, users can report them to the bug testing wizard. Canary also allows its users to suggest new features.

Chrome Canary- Installation:

If you want to use Chrome Canary, you will have to install it separately on your android smartphone, Windows PC or Mac OS. This can be done without replacing or removing the stable version of Chrome. Here are the steps for downloading and installing Chrome Canary:

  • Windows: download, install and run the latest version of chrome canary. Mostly the 64 bit version is desirable to users, and however, if you have an older PC, there is a 32 bit version.

Mac: users who use Apple’s Mac have to download the Mac version of Chrome Canary.

Android: if you want to install chrome canary on your android mobile, you will have to install it from the Google Play Store.

  • After downloading the Canary application, Windows user can install it by confirming any available on-screen instructions. In contrast, Mac users will have to open the Finder application window and then drag the canary icon to the Applications folder.
  • After the installation is complete, Canary can be accessed in the start menu of the Windows or the Mac’s Launchpad menu. In the same way, after installation, the icon appears in your android smartphone.
  • After you click the canary icon, the Canary window will open, which is quite similar to Chrome’s stable version. After the browser opens, you can start testing it.

You can uninstall the canary version of your Chrome by going to the ‘uninstall programs’ from the ‘Settings’ in Windows. In Mac, you can go to the Finder app and then to Applications to remove the canary app.

How to enable the features and flags of Chrome Canary?

After you open the browser of Canary, some features are available while others are not. While some parts are activated automatically, you will need to start the chrome flags to use the other features. Here’s how to do it:

  • Open a new browser window in Canary> Go to the address bar> To view the hidden flags menu, type: chrome://flags.After the Experiments menu loads, you will see various flags that you can disable or enable. In the Available tab, you will see all the available flags, their description, and use. You will also be able to see if they would be made available for future use.
  • If you want to disable certain flags, you will have to restart chrome canary. You can either close the browser and restart it or click the Relaunch button.

Common issues in chrome canary:

Since Canary is an unstable chrome browser, there are various issues that you might encounter. Here are the most common issues to face in Canary:

  • After disabling or enabling the flags, Canary no longer opens.
  • In the Windows platform, Canary occasionally crashes.

If you love experimenting or are a developer, then Chrome Canary is the browser where you can carry all your activities. However, the best practice is to use canary side-by-side and the stable version of Chrome. In this way, you will be able to contribute your experience and reduce the bugs and crashes in the future release of Chrome.