Incredible Google Maps Tricks That You Need To Try

Incredible Google Maps Tricks That You Need To Try

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You have probably heard of Google Maps. It is the handiest app out there that tells the distance between Distance A to Distance B in seconds and is hard to imagine navigating without the app.

Apart from this, they also provide traffic information, help in discovering new places, etc., but do you know there is much more to the app that you’re probably missing out on. In the article, you’re going to learn about Google Maps tricks you need to try now and get the most out of the map.

Remember your parking location

If you forget where you parked your vehicle in the prominent parking place, you’re not alone. Google Maps bought an easy solution to the problem. Now you can access it by just saving your location with a few clicks.

You just need to click on the location icon below, then click on the blue dot and save your location, and you’re done. You can modify it and add notes and pictures for better assistance. You need to click on the search bar to access it, and you see the parking label. It is accessible through Google assistant as well, fast and straightforward.

Travel back in time

You can now see the street view of anyplace from a few years ago or present. You don’t need a desktop to use this feature anymore with the latest update now, and you can use it on the app. You can access this feature by clicking on the stopwatch or clicking on the street view option.

Remember, this feature isn’t available for every place, but you can give it a try. It provides a 4-dimensional view and zoom-in and zoom-out to get the virtual experience of the past streets.

Incognito mode on

Privacy is important to everyone. If you want to go around somewhere without keeping track of your activity or logging, you can try the new incognito mode to avoid adding any search in your log history.

The activity you do while on Google Incognito isn’t recorded, and you’re not visible to anyone on the apps so, be careful while using this feature.

Go Offline on Maps

You might not get an Internet connection everywhere you go, for that Google bought in Offline Mode where you can download the apps for using them anywhere, anytime without an Internet connection. This is useful for times when you know in advance that there will not be any Internet connection.

You have to search the place, take out the map location, and click on the option Offline Map to save the map. You can access it from there when you need it afterward. Keep in mind you cannot access live information like traffic details on a downloaded map.

Multiple Locations

If you need to stop to or more or destinations between your trips, you can add multiple stops using the + icon. The icon may differ for different software. It allows you to add up to nine destinations within a single trip.

You can also search for destinations like a convenience store, ATMs, and shops with a shortcut under the search bar. Or physically type the location in the search bar and click on Add stop. Some suggestions are provided by google maps in case you don’t know where you want to go.

Share your Location

Sharing your location is helpful to help someone with directions without much effort. Someone can share their live place for 25 minutes to up to 3 days. You can choose who you want to share your location with and for how much time.

The steps are pretty straightforward, and you can share the location by clicking on Share your location on your profile icon. The person with whom you share your location can see your real-time location, which means it will move as you move.

Hand-free Navigation

It is one of the Google Map tricks that you should try now while driving. It is hard to use your phone to search for anything or even navigate through the apps. Most of the time, it’s risky to take your eyes off the road. In that case, you can use Google commands to navigate.

Try saying, “Ok Google, Which street is this” or “Hey Google, Which turns should I take.”

Many other commands can be used to use your phone without touching the phone, like finding any nearby stop for quick snacks or finding a gas station.

Measure Distance

You can measure the distance between any two points. Open the app and click on any location, any point you want, tap on the option- measure distance and choose the other place. A white point appears on the selected position.

A card at the left corner shows the distance. Add as many points (locations) you want of any place on earth and calculate the distance between them.

Favorite Spots

Keeping a list of your favorite spots to share with your friends and for yourself is easy with this feature. You can click on the location and tap Save. You can save it to the area on an existing list or create a new one. For example, you can create a list of all your favorite places to eat.

These lists are accessible offline too. You can give your name to the places and access the map without searching for the location again and again.

Recommendation and Local Shops

There are various options available for any place. If you want to get an ice-cream but can’t make up your mind where you want to go, you can take help from Google Map recommendations. The recommendations are based on their popularity and reviews.

You can access the feature by tapping on the blue dots and select “places near you”. Scroll through the options and discover new places. Some information is provided which helps you choose the location you like.

Here are all the Google Maps tricks you can try today. It will help to improve your experience with Google Maps. There is still a lot more on Google Maps, but these are the most exciting and helpful tricks. Give them a try!