9 Easy Ways To Make Your Android Phone Less Annoying

9 Easy Ways To Make Your Android Phone Less Annoying

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Technology has made our lives unbelievably easy. Our laptops, mobile phones, tablets, televisions etc., can connect to the internet with one swipe. While this feature gives us some extra time at our bed or on our couch, it brings many annoying buzzes. Emails, notifications, sign-in approval messages and reminders rush to electronic devices nonchalantly, giving you a hard time focusing on your work.

It’s hard to imagine our lives without our techie gadgets. No mobile phone for one whole day without ringing with all the notifications flooding up might sound quite impossible. To avoid these minor nuisances, we can make some little changes to calm your mobile phone.

Disable auto-brightness:

This feature in your android phone allows it to adjust the brightness setting on its own. It will dim your mobile phone’s brightness if you’re in a dark place and automatically increase the brightness when you are out in the sun.

While this indeed is a significant feature, it sometimes is unnecessary for such quick action. The extreme settings in two different situations are troublesome and create a panic situation. The over-bright screen can welcome you with surprise when you look at it, where-as dim lit screen might not be visible.

To avoid this trouble, you can turn it off anytime you want. Auto-brightness is a default setting but can be modified according to our choice. Go to settings > brightness, where you can also adjust the screen’s brightness levels and turn off auto-brightness if it seems like a nuisance. Some android mobiles have brightness settings at the pull-down notifications’ menu. This can come in handy if you turn off auto-brightness mode and want to adjust the screen brightness accordingly.

Turn off your notifications:

If you think your app is sending you a lot of notifications, you can always mute them. Some of them are almost unwanted, and they do not require your attention to check them.

A solution to completely turn off notification from every app installed on your phone is to head over Settings > Notifications, and you can disable it. If you want to mute a particular app’s notification, choose the app in the list and individually turn it off/on.

Use Do Not Disturb:

Nobody wants to turn off their notifications all the time. We want to be notified about Facebook’s posts or Instagram stories, but you do not want to know this when you’re napping or in an important meeting.

Instead of turning off notifications of the apps and switching them on after your work is done, the android phone offers a feature that makes this process easy.

Do Not Disturb feature allows you to block all the notifications, calls, or messages for a specific period. You can enable this option by swiping to Setting > Sounds and vibration > Do not disturb. For some android versions, it is available in the pull-down notifications panel. So, it’s just one touch to calm your phone from ringing all the time.

Widgets to the rescue!:

Your android phone offers you multiple advantages, and using your widgets wisely will make your mobile phone a little easier and a little less annoying.

Widgets are live-app windows you can keep on your home screen and open. Some apps come with a widget when installed.

Creating a widget for emails, messages, weather, or music can make it easier for you to access information from it. You do not have to open an app and search for the information you are looking for it. It will save your time and effort.

If you want widgets on your home screen, long-press on your screen anywhere, and a panel of widgets apps possess will appear. Not every app gives you this feature, so choose any widgets of your choice and drag them onto your home screen.

Re-arrange your lock screen:

Android phones come with multiple privacy and security options for its users to choose from. It requires biometric information like a password, finger or face identification as a mode to unlock your phone. You can always choose safety with convenience if you do not want to struggle to unlock the phone with a password or any other by changing the settings to set a login period after the mobile goes to sleep.

To set a lock to your mobile phone, go to Settings > lock screen or settings > secure lock settings > secured lock timing and choose the time you want to set.

Avoid in-app camera:

While this feature is a favorite to most people, it might not be enjoyable whenever you open an app and find yourself looking at your face.

You can disable this after your app is installed. Turn off the permission to use the mobile’s camera, and you are good to go.

Customize your pull-down panel:

Your life gets a lot simpler because of the pull-down panel, one-touch, and you can turn on/off anything you want. But why stick to default icons in your pull-down panel? You can always remove and add new icons that are helpful and necessary for you. To edit your panel, tap the hamburger icon on the top-right corner and click the edit button. Also, there’s no restriction to move the buttons around!

Uninstall bloatware apps:

Bloatware apps are nothing but pre-installed apps that may or may not be useful for you or your mobile phone. These apps take a lot of memory and space in your phone and affect your battery.

You can get rid of them by tapping on the app’s icon and select disable option. You can also go to Settings > Apps to choose to disable option. This doesn’t work will every bloatware apps; some are way too persistent to be gone. So, if you find such apps are taking a lot of memory or draining your battery, go to Settings > apps, choose that app and force stop it or clear memory or cache.

Invest in an excellent external Bluetooth speaker:

An android phone might be a nuisance with its audio quality. You have so many fantastic Bluetooth speakers to purchase, so investing in a good speaker can give so much bass and volume. Blast the speakers on and continue doing your work anywhere you wish to.

Android phones have made our lives so much simple and more comfortable, so do not fall prey to its annoying settings and habits. Change and customize your phone accordingly, and Voila! Fall in love with your mobile phone again.