15 Proven Facts Why Artificial Intelligence Will Create More Jobs

15 Proven Facts Why Artificial Intelligence Will Create More Jobs

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With the ever-growing advancements in science and technology, our dependence on gadgets has increased to a great level. The only feature that differentiated the intelligence of machines from humans was the human brain that could process data on its own and make its own decision. With gradual progress in the fields of technology and computers, researchers even managed to abolish the mere difference. Development in the fields of artificial intelligence gave machines the power to think and perform like a human brain.

In the following article, we look at the various job opportunities that are opened up due to progress in artificial intelligence.

Facts to prove job opportunities opened up by AI:

1. Enhanced Skilled Labors

With automation coming into the spotlight, employees in most rather all businesses will have to acquire enhanced knowledge especially in the domain of technology, this will open up widespread job opportunities, and enable people to change their job backgrounds.

2. Saving time

Automation process will speed up the process of working, as a result of which even bulky works could be completed at a short duration due to a mix of AI and humans working at the same pace. Thus, employers will hire more employees to manage demand and supply ratio.

3. Increased profits:

It is obvious that AI implementation in companies will take the profits of the company to newer levels and to keep evolving companies will hire more employees such that AI algorithms can be implemented efficiently, which will hence lead to progress of the entire industry.

4. Expanding Workforce

With the improved efficiency and advanced infrastructure, companies will look forward to making more profits, this will result in hiring employees from different corners of the world, having a different extent of exposure to technology. Thus it will thus open up job opportunities even at international levels.

5. A mix of AI and humans

For any successful company, it is very important to have a good mix of humans and machines, where each is assigned specialized tasks. The purpose of machines, on one hand, will be to perform tasks accurately, efficiently and swiftly. Humans on the other hand will look after the analytical, logical and emotional aspects. Thus, the need for the blending of humans and machines will give rise to newer employment opportunities.

6. Advancement in medical science

The domain of healthcare is expected to have a major boost in terms of success and profits on implementation of AI. Therefore, such hospitals and clinics will require employees who are skilled in complex algorithms of AI to incorporate the same.

7. Implementation in leisurely activities

In domains like gaming and streaming online movies and other such activities requires an understanding of human nature and mind to get ideas about the likes and dislikes of its customers. Thus, streaming platforms like Amazon Prime, Netflix and online gaming sites like twitch, smart cash make wide use of AI. This gives rise to the demand for employees knowing programming and AI coding.

8. Implementation in the learning sector

Various educational sectors are opting for e-learning instead of orthodox classroom teaching. They make use of AI to provide students with a personalized learning experience. This opens up a wide range of opportunities for AI skilled individuals who would manage and create such contents.

9. Management costs

With more machinery and gadgets implementing AI in the industry, the cost of maintenance and servicing also rises, which are usually very high. Employers, therefore, concentrate on implementing machines in areas concerning accuracy and hire humans for other jobs. Therefore, there is always a hunger for human resources.

10. Implementation in robotics

Robots are not a cartoon character anymore. With the ongoing innovations, robots are going to be part of human lives. Robotics implements AI to a great extent, which in turn opens up job opportunities for AI engineers.

11. Open up newer domains

With the implementation of AI in various industries, the definition of jobs will evolve further from the conventional ones creating new job positions for people. The work will be automatized, however, the provision of its management and up-gradation will lie in the hands of a human. Therefore, newer skills will be required to keep working machines and humans at par. This will thus create more job opportunities.

12. Smartphone Applications

Smartphones come as the next necessary items in our daily lives after water and air. The various applications, especially the shopping apps, make use of AI to suggest to customers the items of their desire. This is also a marketing strategy. To come up with similar ideas and to support the growing company, employers are always inclined to hire human resources.

13. Designing working environment

To make AI-driven machines and humans to work in a simultaneous, automated environment to compile AI algorithms is necessary. Designing such an environment will require a wide workforce.

14. Managing Finances

Growing popularity of digital banking and online transactions often question privacy measures. Implementing AI can easily ensure in identifying and preventing frauds. Designing such algorithms is also an important aspect for AI engineers.

15. Special Features of AI

Most popular features of AI includes face recognition, speech recognition, and virtual reality. Implementation of such features requires an immense amount of data to be fed into the systems and later managed. This opens up scopes for both data analysts as well as AI engineers.


Thus, artificial intelligence enables machines to exhibit traits similar to that of a human mind and can also act accordingly. Needless to say, like most of the other inventions made in the domain of science and technology, even this benefited humans in every possible way like it enhanced the efficiency of the works, eliminated unnecessary human labor and many more. It is said that shortly AI will provide more jobs than what it will eliminate.

Thus, the possibility that AI would replace the majority of human resource is far from being true. Developments in the Fields of AI, therefore, will not abolish human labor but provide different and enhanced skills to the employees which will enable them to bag better jobs at higher wages. Thus, AI is believed and has also proved to some extent to be a major tool in boosting the world economy and opening up job opportunities for skilled laborers.

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