Often used in consumers products like lotions, creams, bath products and hair care, this blog deals with how surfactants react with a human body. People need to be sure that the surfactants leave the chemical content of the products unchanged.


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Surfactants in Industry

Surfactants are often used in consumer product formulations (hair care, bath products, creams, lotions) and cleaning formulations (detergent, fabric softener, industrial & institutional). Formulation chemistry is one of the disparities in the chemistry industry. There are many jobs, but extremely few degree programs that adequately train students for formulation positions. Since there are many aspects of chemicals present in the formulation, the users of these products need to be sure that using such products will not cause any unwanted chemical reactions and if they are safe for their health. The manufacturers need to ensure them their surfactant products are safe.

Three surfactant products that are health safe


Cleaning products are things that you just can't do without. Soaps play an essential role in your daily lives and you always need them and they keep you healthy. Surfactant soaps are effective just any other soap and they do not pose a threat to your health what so ever.


Cosmetics/lipstick products are also a necessity, no matter if you're a woman or a man. Everyone needs such products however the chemical content of such products is crucial for their health. The consumers must know that surfactant products are good for their health and it's safe to use them.


Skincare is as important as your health and therefore it is equally important what lotions you use to get your skin hydrated and shiny. If a lotion product contains surfactants, you should know it's completely fine to use those products without fear of any chemical reactions and health issues.

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